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About author

Radomir Ostojic, author of The World of Digital Photography, represents typical multimedia figure. In the very beginning of his career, he dedicated his whole decade of creative researching work to the sound. Thanks to Radomir, Belgrade had, at that time, located on Slavija square, the leading sound studio in the whole Balkan region called AQUARIUS. His reputation and quality took him to contribute the world's metropolis of audio experts, New York.

At the same time, within the USUF Union of Yugoslavia Photographers, he participates in efforts for improvement and development of visual arts (photography, video, television, electronics pictures). Federation of Professional Photographers of Yugoslavia - USUF introduces multivision to this region, in which sound and picture complementary materialize audio-visual presentation. The author was honored with number of titles in digital photography domain. We would like to emphasize his Graduated Photography Master title of Famous School (1971-1973.) in Munich and Photography Master title in Chalon-Sur-Sâone, France in 1974. - the world's highest award that birthplace of photography inventor's gives. His name was Nicephore Niepce. The author also belongs to the first class that graduated on IVAS Academy.

The author published a number of works and photographs in world's famous professional photography magazines.

In the early ninety's, Radomir brings in Belgrade the most actual digital systems in graphics design. Again, he represents avantgarde - at this field, too. With few references about the author, it is much easier to accept his positions, directions, suggestions and opinions, which are based on decades of multimedia working experience. Along with basic elements of classic photography, digital picture is presented far more accurate and given comparisons are more qualified and competent than given in hundreds of world wide magazine articles, brochures and books published in this field. The World of Digital Photography is valuable handbook for practical appliance of computerization of graphic solutions, pictures, movies, animation, photography and digital retouch.

Author's statement: "in a few years, digital photography will dominate in all photography aspects", is already evidenced in practice. International Visual Art Academy Council (Prof. d. sc. Vladimir Srdanovic, Prof. Zoran Gluscevic, Prof. Milorad Glusica) first accepted this book as a manual textbook, which will be appropriate for mastering praxis in this field.

Author emphasizes that the book is conceptualized for small levels of students practical knowledge, which gives advantage to professional photographers. By author, the computer concept focuses on application in digital presentation. There is necessary information in the book for those who have little experience in computers. Image sensors, pixels, resolution, digital cameras, video photography, Web sites, film and print digitalization, scanners, printers, disks and hundreds of other topics and hints for digital photography world, conscientious and precise explained with directions for application for various demands.

Certainly, this book is digital picture lexicon. Notions and names in field of digital arts are precise and radically explained with signification of meaning of good and better. He explains notions and programs, which deals with digital pictures and recommends practical and necessary working tools. Author indicates that different variations of possible solutions, what to do to improve work of those who entered the field of digital pictures, in order to utilize available systems and possibilities. It also instructs on useful literature, weather printed or on Web sites, it compares techniques and technology available on the market. Author accepts the fact that digital photography is still lacking of perfection. Some elements haven't reached the classic photography, in professional terms.

However, advantages of digital photography are evident - crucial factors of digital picture use are usage flexibility, processing speed and distribution. We sincerely hope that this book will ground professional and scientific approach in digital photography within this territory, which was not the case when it comes to classic photography.

It is defeating circumstance that amateurism is intruding itself and that studying photography on professional associations and high level basis is forbidden. The only independent and professional organization in Serbia and Montenegro USUF, with help from Europe and around the World (FEP and WCPP), managed to educate cadres according to world professional standards (Famous Photographers School - USA, and Photography Academy BUFA – Hamburg. Radomir Ostojic with his World of Digital Photography is encircling genuine approach, integrating picture research with new digital technology in area of photography.