broncolorThe World of Digital Photography
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...Certainly, this book is digital picture lexicon. Notions and names in field of digital arts are precise and radically explained with signification of meaning of good and better.


Author explains notions and programs, which deals with digital pictures and recommends practical and necessary working tools.


Author indicates that different variations of possible solutions, what to do to improve work of those who entered the field of digital pictures, in order to utilize available systems and possibilities. It also instructs on useful literature, weather printed or on Web sites, it compares techniques and technology available on the market.


Author accepts the fact that digital photography is still lacking of perfection. Some elements haven't reached the classic photography, in professional terms.

Pixel world
Digital camera
Digitizing film and prints

In-camera storage and download
Computer storage
Graphic file formats
Digital darkroom
Photo printers
Photography on the web
Panoramic and object photography
Stereo photography
The World of Digital Photography

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